Van Hunt – Philadelphia Tribune

Shalon Goss photo

Creative chameleon Van Hunt will be at World Cafe Live this Sunday, April 1 at 8 p.m.; to promote his new album, What Were You Hoping For? Hunt — who grew up with a part-time pimp/painter/factory worker father — hails from Ohio. He’s had two major label releases including his self-titled debut album in 2004 and On the Jungle Floor in 2006.

After his second album he switched from Capital Records to Blue Note where his third project Popular was shelved. Despite that setback, diehard Hunt fans nabbed tracks from Popular (arguably one of his best efforts yet) and Use in Case of Emergency (released in 2009) online.  The Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and producer, has written tracks for singer Cree Summer best known as Freddie from A Different World, co-wrote for Rashaan Patterson and wrote and co-produced “Hopeless” for Dionne Farris, former member of Arrested Development. “Hopeless” appeared on the
soundtrack for the movie Love Jones. Now, he’s back again with a new sound. There’s punk, rock and blues all mixed up in crazy guitar licks and vocal riffs. The first track “North Hollywood” is a guitar heavy track where Jimi Hendrix meets funk at church;“Watching You Go Crazy” gives a lesson in rock and “Moving Targets” is a slightly ethereal ballad.

On a warm Sunday afternoon in between tour stops, the Philadelphia Tribune had a chance to talk with the singer about his musical journey.

Read the interview here: Van Hunt brings unique sound to World Cafe.


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