Ali (July 19, 1981- February 17, 2002)

Shivers run down my spine
From the whispers of sleeping willows
I’m transported back in time
To training wheels and roller-skates
Popsicles and my mama’s cakes

Remember when we teased your stutter?
And fifteen years later
It’s wisdom that you utter into my ears

My biggest fears have come true

Remember playing hide-n-go seek?
And the adrenaline you feel if you peek
Outside of what is your hiding?

I’m smiling remembering all the fun we had…
Your HE-MAN cards in my E-Z bake oven made me crying mad!

But all those things seem so small now
Looking back
Remember Nana giving us spankings?
We talked behind her back

Remember L.L. Cool J when he first came on the scene?
Running away from Teetabug
On the phone flippin’ magazines.

It never dawned on me
I’d be looking at our memories
The ripping away of a future
That you won’t see

But always know you can make me smile
And the power to make me cry
Looking back on our lives
Remembering you and I




An old grey or was it green Cadillac?
Autumn leaves falling down his back

Soft leather slippers
And a heather grey robe
Sweetish smelling cigars
And rotary phones

Hot dogs and bananas
My favorite foods
Sitting on the lap
Of my favorite stooge

Skin the color of midnight
Personality like fire
Heart as warm as the sun
His laughter a live wire

His image
Though vague in my mind
Is bold in my soul
Where memories are impressions
That never grow old